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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Giving of Thanks...

This weekend marks the celebration of Thanksgiving in Canada.  As with the American one, it is a time for giving thanks for a good harvest in the hopes that the next harvest will be as bountiful.

The Canadian Thanksgiving also happens to fall in the same month as a special event being held by "The Gratitude Diary" on Facebook, called, "The 30 Day Gratitude Challenge."  For the challenge, you're to post something you're grateful for on a daily basis.  Sort of a month long Thanksgiving.

In order to celebrate Thanksgiving, I've decided to post ten things that I'm grateful for.

In no particular order:
  • I'm grateful for family;
  • I'm grateful for my friends;
  • I'm grateful for my health;
  • I'm grateful for my education;
  • I'm grateful for those that read my reviews on "The Corner of Terror";
  • I'm grateful for my books;
  • I'm grateful for my Life- the good and the bad times;
  • I'm grateful for living in Canada;
  • I'm grateful for the sunrises I get to see;
  • I'm grateful for every breath I take.
I would love to hear some of the things you're grateful for, so feel free to list a couple in the comments section.

In other "news" I'm editing footage for my first vlog- to be posted in the designated box to the left this Friday.  I'll post a new one each Friday, and hopefully the quality of editing, etc will improve over time. LOL

Until my next entry, "May the Fates smile upon thee with Love and Happiness."

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