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Monday, October 15, 2012

Thoughts on Reality- Part I: Reality in Our Minds

Thoughts on Reality- Light and Vibration
Note- The following is a repost of a "note" I wrote on Facebook April 12 2012.

I've been reading a book called, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl" by Daniel Pinchbeck. In it, he details his journey through the world of vision quests, psychic phenomena, psychology, quantum physics, and the Mayan calendar and how it relates to the supposed apocolypse that's to occur this year (2012)... and a possible evolution in humanity's perception of Time and Reality.

It's an interesting book- one that's actually been losing me sleep.

I'm not losing sleep because I believe that the world is actually going to end in a firey rain of death, destruction, and reality TV shows. Rather, I keep having dreams about the nature of Time and Reality.

I'll have a random thought during the day- usually a quick visual thought, that'll come back and get developed and expanded upon in my dreams.

One example is an exploration of how we percieve Reality. When you think about it- what we see is actually just light reflected off an object, captured by our eyes, and processed by our brain. That means that we're not actually percieving the "real" object. Rather we're percieving only an energy form of it after it's been processed by our brain.

Secondly, Matter is held together by gravity, and vibrates slightly at the atomic level. Stopping to think about it, it's hard not to imagine that what we're actually "feeling" when we touch a table is actually just the gravitational and vibrational energies given off by the atoms- once again being processed by our brains. Simple concept until you throw in the fact that quantum physics research has shown that atoms, particles and waves can be in two places at once, or even disappear to appear elsewhere in an instant before returning to it's original location. Given that, it's very possible that parts of that table (at the atomic level at least) are elsewhere at any one moment. What does that say about the "reality" of the table?

Given that so much of what we call "Reality" is based on the perception of various forms of energy, I have to wonder whether Reality is merely a construct in our minds to present us with concepts that we can understand (and handle) at our current level of evolution. IF that is the case, and we're only being fed part of the whole by our brains, what DOES "Reality" really look like?

These are the sorts of things that have been running through my dreams. I'm seeing close-ups of furniture and people in off centered double exposures- as if they're vibrating. I'm seeing colour negatives of cities and forests as if I'm seeing from the other side of the "vision viel". I can feel myself vibrating as pieces of myself vanish and reappear randomly. In one dream I had split vision as my eye appeared on the other side of the room and stared at myself staring at the eye. I can feel myself standing on "solid ground" even though I'm actually above a chasm while a voice says that it's only the concentration of gravity I'm feeling.

Even though these dreams are a little un-nerving, I also find them fascinating- and feel as if I'm about to gain some significant insight into myself and the Reality surrounding me. It's like I'm on a bit of a spirit journey myself... and I'm curious to see where it takes me...

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