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Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Invitation...

I have heard that the best thing a person can do is to share their life with others- to let the highs and lows of their own existance serve as guide posts to help others find their own paths through the jungle of Life.

Also, I have been asked once or twice by family, "WHY do you review horror movies and books?  WHY do you blog?"

So, here I sit pondering these questions, and whether I should share my thoughts with the rest of the internet.

The answer turns out to be, "Yes."

Hopefully, people reading this blog will gain insight into the life of a blogger; the life of a reviewer; the life of another human being; and their own lives.

I intend this blog to cover a wide variety of topics, from the personal to the random.  I'll discuss topics of interest that are outside the realm of Horror, and sometimes rather deeply emotional.

Basically, I intend to write about the things that circulate within my mind.  Maybe readers will gain a new perspective on things, or find a new interest, or even just laugh at the odd things that will undoubtedly perculate to the surface.

So, please accept this invitation to partake in a journey through the mind of a blogger...

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