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Sunday, March 17, 2013

#Changes: Finding a New Corner

2013 is turning into a year of changes in my Life.  Reconnecting with an old friend, prepping to go back to school, and now a change in location.

Come June or July, I should be in a new place... I'll be moving.

Since my second niece is expecting, she'll need a room for the little one when it arrives.  As it turns out, that'll be the room I'm currently renting from my brother.

I'm not really in a situation where I can just move right now financially, since I'm still unemployed.  But I'm not stressed out about it, or worried.  It just means I'm going to have to push harder and work harder to get a job so that come summer, I'll be able to make a smooth transition from this room into a place of my own.

Whatever happens, I'll survive somehow... I always do.

I'd like to get a one bedroom apartment, with the bedroom being converted into the workspace where I can do my writing and design work without the bed calling me to snuggle with the warm blankets on it.  I'll then have space for ALL of my books (I have about 25 banker file boxes of books in storage right now), collectibles, etc.

If I have to get a bachelor suite, I'll survive as well.

The transition MAY put a small hiccup in my plans for college, but I'll just have to work around that as well.  Life is bumpy, and we just need to trust in our shock absorbers to handle them properly.  I'm just going to steer through the potholes ahead the best I can... while still enjoying the scenery around me.

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