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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

#Blogging- Getting Started

How do you get started writing a blog?

Contrary to what some people may think, it's actually quite easy to start one.  It starts with the decision to write one.  That simple.

After that, it can be a slightly more complicated matter- but mostly where it concerns what the blog is going to be about.  There are an unlimited number of options you can choose from- anything from writing about animals to zeppelins.

Of course, you can simplify the process a bit.  Ask the following questions to help figure out where you want to go with your blog:

  1. Do I want to write about something I know?
  2. Do I want to write about learning about something I don't know?
  3. Do I want to write about places I've been?
  4. Do I want to write about my Life?
Those four questions can serve as a jumping point for whatever topic you wind up deciding to blog about.

Now, just be aware that you're probably not going to get thousands of readers right off the bat.  It takes time , dedication, and consistent posting to gain readers.  My blog, "The Corner of Terror"  has been going for close to two years now, and averages about 5000 views a month.  So don't get discouraged.

Also, you might find that the direction of your blog changes along the way.  Mine did.  It originally started out as "Stew's Corner"- a blog where I discussed geekdom.  I wasn't totally satisfied, and changed it to a horror review blog instead.  Blogs will evolve over time as the blogger changes.  It's a "living" piece of work- and is always a work in progress.

Do I recommend blogging?  Yes, I do.  It can prove to be a great release for thoughts (especially a journal style blog), and a wonderful way to share your passion with others (like my love of horror).

So get blogging, and share yourself with the world!

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