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Friday, November 2, 2012

#Holidays: Halloween Recovery

One of my favorite times of the year (if not THE favorite) is Halloween.  People dress up in costumes, kids knock on doors in the search of delicious treats, and I watch a few horror movies.

This year, "a few" movies was actually 13 of them, as I held a special event for my "The Corner of Terror" blog.  For this "Terrorpolooza 2012", I held a 24 hour horror movie tweet along.  From 1:00 am Halloween morning, to 1:00 am the next morning, I watched horror movies, and tweeted along to them.

It went quite well, in my opinion.  I had a decent variety of movies- some good... some not so much, and people joined in the fun by retweeting, favoriting, and commenting upon my tweets.

And I quite enjoyed it too.

The only problem with this Halloween was having to recover from the night before.  As soon as my tweet along was finished, I was worn out and ready for bed.  I don't remember dreaming- which is weird for me.  I closed my eyes, then opened them about 20 hours later.  And I still felt tired.

In fact, it took me almost two days to fully recover from all the stimulus that the 24 hours of horror movies gave my poor pumpkin filled head.

And to think... I plan on doing AGAIN next year...

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